Monday, January 18, 2010

There's No Place Like Home

We're Home!!! I never allowed my mind to image this moment...because there were too many scenarios that could have been. Thankfully, God has done immeasurably more than we could have ever imagined or prayed. WE, I emphasize the WE are home!!! Together!!! Not only is Bobby home, but he is doing pretty darn good for having brain surgery 1 week fact they would be taking him into surgery right now! Instead, he is delighting in being able to shower today, wash his hair, and just feel clean....isn't it wonderful how you can appreciate even the smallest things when we go through difficult times. I can't even begin to thank all the people who have been on their knees for us..and I will never be able to personally thank you because only God knows how far reaching he called upon the hearts of His saints...So Bless each and everyone of know who you are...don't think for a minute they were in vain because our Lord heard "your cries and He answered you"!!! We would love to see your faces, Bobby would love the company, and we would love to hug your neck and share in celebrating with you how Great is our God!!!!

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

How Great is Our God

Happily we find ourselves all sitting in our apt. in N.C. on Wednesday night together, after sitting in a waiting room on Monday afternoon while Bobby went through brain surgery. I can't fathom how this can be? but I also can't fathom how Big, Great & powerful our God is and How much He loves us. At this point we could not have a better start to the clinical trial. The tumor has been completely removed. They were able to place all of the chemo wafers possible. Most of all, Bobby has responded so well that they released us early from the hospital and now it looks like we will be able to come home sooner than expected. He has no facial swelling, no black eye and you could not tell he has gone through such a dangerous surgery if he didn't have the stitches in his head! As nice as our accomodations are...the saying is true...there is no place like home! We look forward to getting home and hugging some much due necks!!! We are so very humbled by so many prayers, so much love, and will be eternally grateful for all of you!!!

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

It was a long day! Yet the day began with me sitting in the window seat of the hospital watching a glorious sunrise from about 40 feet up...such a different perspective...watching the world awaken, and the day ended in a recovery room with a WORD & encouragement (from a man who had just been through brain surgery) who told us God is real, check it out, He is true! Indeed He is! And dotted throughout the day was first prayer with the neurosurgeon and loved ones, hugs & squeezes from friends & family, laughter, tears, a great card game in the waiting room, shared deep thoughts & conversations, calls of concern & well wishes splashed in & throughout the day. ----YES--- Yesterday was long, but yesterday was what we hope all our days are like. Days where you are keenly aware that God is faithfully present from beginning to end....
And you hope that tomorrow, when all is said and done will be the same.
Thank you for being with us also...for your prayers...for your love. We felt covered & very grateful for them both!
Always, Elaine

Monday, January 11, 2010

After 1 we are! We have no doubts that there is a grand plan for today, and for tomorrow, & for the day after...After all, Jesus is the same today, yesterday, & tomorrow...and that is who we are leaning on! So today will you stand with us in His plan, will you pray as you are lead, and would you give Him the glory for All things. We love you, and we love the God who has given us this journey...His miracles have been countless along the way...He has never left us...not for one minute, and we do not doubt His plan for us. We will be leaving for surgery shortly, we will let you know as soon as Bobby is out!

Thursday, May 7, 2009


Thank you for your faithfulness and your interest in keeping up with our saga.
It has been such a long journey with many twists and turns. Good days, bad days, and sometimes just daze days. We have finished successfully 6 weeks of radiation & chemotherapy. We have had a three week break, and then another round of chemotherapy...which brings us up to the present. Today we met with our Drs. to let us know what their findings were on our most recent MRI (the first since post-surgery). This would tell us what the results of his radiation & chemo treatments have done to reduce the remainder of the tumor....
The Drs. said this was the best report possible for our type of cancer!! Bobby will be checked every 3 months and he will continue for the next 5 months in chemotherapy...and we will continue to smother this cancer in prayer, and give all the glory to God for his goodness and grace. Can I just say....we know without God, without your prayers, without your hope & words of encouragement...these last months would have been impossible to get through!!! So please take a moment to join in praising God with us...for this good report...and for all He has done!!!
Bobby & Elaine Snow

Amazing Grace

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!!!

It certainly has been a wild ride! We are still holding on fast, and it has been the ride of our lives...Not unlike that first amazing uphill ride on your first roller coaster, you trust you're seat belt will hold you in and the bar across your lap will not give way as you rise to the top and start crashing down the other side!!! Well on this roller coaster ride of life...God has held us fast in our seats. His unfailing love has secured us...and it is truly an amazing feeling to know that really IS the truth as we ride this ride!!!
Bobby's chemo & radiation have been uneventful thus far! He is tolerating the treatments well, though he hates the way the drugs make him feel. Yet knowing those same drugs are working for His good kinda keeps things in perspective....So we have a week down...and 5 weeks to go for radiation....We have heard many good reports as of late that many people have walked the path we are on...and are still here to tell about it years later...that is comforting & encouraging.
So this will be our last blog!!! We couldn't possibly begin to put into words what your love has meant to us as we truly couldn't have walked this without all of you! We will for many years to come, did I say many years to come (?) YES...for many years to come be grateful and will never forget all you have done for Bobby & I & our family!!! If you would like to talk call us 301-262-0228, or write us at We would love to hear from you!
Keep praying, Keep the Faith, and know that there is a God...and He loves you very much!!!
And so do we....
Bobby, Elaine, Melissa, Justin, Rachel, Layla & John