Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!!!

It certainly has been a wild ride! We are still holding on fast, and it has been the ride of our lives...Not unlike that first amazing uphill ride on your first roller coaster, you trust you're seat belt will hold you in and the bar across your lap will not give way as you rise to the top and start crashing down the other side!!! Well on this roller coaster ride of life...God has held us fast in our seats. His unfailing love has secured us...and it is truly an amazing feeling to know that really IS the truth as we ride this ride!!!
Bobby's chemo & radiation have been uneventful thus far! He is tolerating the treatments well, though he hates the way the drugs make him feel. Yet knowing those same drugs are working for His good kinda keeps things in perspective....So we have a week down...and 5 weeks to go for radiation....We have heard many good reports as of late that many people have walked the path we are on...and are still here to tell about it years later...that is comforting & encouraging.
So this will be our last blog!!! We couldn't possibly begin to put into words what your love has meant to us as we truly couldn't have walked this without all of you! We will for many years to come, did I say many years to come (?) YES...for many years to come be grateful and will never forget all you have done for Bobby & I & our family!!! If you would like to talk call us 301-262-0228, or write us at We would love to hear from you!
Keep praying, Keep the Faith, and know that there is a God...and He loves you very much!!!
And so do we....
Bobby, Elaine, Melissa, Justin, Rachel, Layla & John


  1. as you've been encouraged and uplifted, so have those of us too far away to just drop by in person! Thank you all so much for keeping us connected through these updates!

    Now, if its beautiful mountains and relaxing water views that Bobby wants to recuperate in, get your butts out my way ASAP!

    Love ya-

  2. I have shared with my Christian family and prayer is being said for you all for healing and strength in many corners of the world.

    You know I love you. And I know you love the Lord. What a wonderful love we have together in Jesus.

    Bobby, May our Savior wrap you in His strong arms and hold you close to His chest as He heals your body.