Wednesday, January 13, 2010

How Great is Our God

Happily we find ourselves all sitting in our apt. in N.C. on Wednesday night together, after sitting in a waiting room on Monday afternoon while Bobby went through brain surgery. I can't fathom how this can be? but I also can't fathom how Big, Great & powerful our God is and How much He loves us. At this point we could not have a better start to the clinical trial. The tumor has been completely removed. They were able to place all of the chemo wafers possible. Most of all, Bobby has responded so well that they released us early from the hospital and now it looks like we will be able to come home sooner than expected. He has no facial swelling, no black eye and you could not tell he has gone through such a dangerous surgery if he didn't have the stitches in his head! As nice as our accomodations are...the saying is true...there is no place like home! We look forward to getting home and hugging some much due necks!!! We are so very humbled by so many prayers, so much love, and will be eternally grateful for all of you!!!


  1. Praise God and see you soon !!!

  2. Elaine, I rejoice with you and Bobby over His answers to your prayers. GLORY! Gloria Bridgeman