Tuesday, January 12, 2010

It was a long day! Yet the day began with me sitting in the window seat of the hospital watching a glorious sunrise from about 40 feet up...such a different perspective...watching the world awaken, and the day ended in a recovery room with a WORD & encouragement (from a man who had just been through brain surgery) who told us God is real, check it out, He is true! Indeed He is! And dotted throughout the day was first prayer with the neurosurgeon and loved ones, hugs & squeezes from friends & family, laughter, tears, a great card game in the waiting room, shared deep thoughts & conversations, calls of concern & well wishes splashed in & throughout the day. ----YES--- Yesterday was long, but yesterday was what we hope all our days are like. Days where you are keenly aware that God is faithfully present from beginning to end....
And you hope that tomorrow, when all is said and done will be the same.
Thank you for being with us also...for your prayers...for your love. We felt covered & very grateful for them both!
Always, Elaine

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  1. Elaine,
    You are one of the greatest gifts that God gave to Bobby. You are one fine Lady, God Bless you.