Thursday, January 8, 2009

Another GREAT day!

Just stepped out of the room to leave mom and dad to themselves for some much needed sleep. Dad has been transferred to his own room in the ICU and is still making great progress. His speech is still improving and now rest and relaxation are important to assist his body with the healing process. We are so thankful for all of the visitors as it has helped to pass the long and sometimes scary hours of hospital time. But at this point we would like to request that visitors hold off from joining us at the hospital until he is transfered home. The next few days are critical to the healing process and we will certainly need your support in the weeks and months to come.

Should you feel inclined - I know that mom will be in no condition to grocery shop or make meals so once we are released from the hospital your assistance with meals would be greatly appreciated. I will provide information and updates over the next few days as I receive it. Mom reviewed all the comments and posting this morning and was bursting with joy - she is really looking forward to sharing these with dad when he is a bit further along. So KEEP the comments coming!!!

Much love,
Bobby, Elaine, Melissa, Justin, and Rachel


  1. Bob,

    Diana and I have you in our prayers. We all ned and love you! See you soon.

    Butch Mezick

  2. Our prayers are still coming and will continue.

    Hugs to everyone
    Jeff & Anni

  3. Bob, you and your family are in my thoughts and prayers. I was glad to see that you gave a thumbs up after the procedure.

    Al Zodun

  4. Bobby, Elaine and family,
    Wanted you to know I'm thinking of you and you all are in my thoughts and prayers. Keep those thumbs up. I gave these updates to Fred(and told him he needs to get a computer!) He also sends his love and prayers.
    Lynne Stutz

  5. Elaine,Bobby & everybody,
    Glad to hear everything is going as well as it can.Two thumbs is great!You all are in our thoughts daily.
    Jim & Lisa
    Lake Gaston, NC

  6. We were so glad to hear that you went through the surgery with success. Our prayers and thoughts are with you and your family during these difficult times. We will be in touch..

    Ron and Marsha Thorpe

  7. Bobby, Elaine and family,

    You have been in my thoughts so much over the past 3 days. I am so glad to hear the surgery was a success and pray for best possible pathology results. Thank you so much for keeping us posted this way. So many people are sending prayers your way.

    Shawn Stratmann

  8. Bobby, Elaine, Melissa and Justin,

    Please know that you're covered in prayer here in NC. A little "southern" prayer won't hurt anybody! Continue to rest and we'll continue to pray for ALL of you.

    Brian and Diann Harwood

  9. Bobby, Elaine, Melissa and Justin,

    Take advantage of all the quiet time and rest. The Lord is holding all of you tenderly in his hands, as you make it through this tumultuous time. You are in our thoughts and prayers, always.

    Eddie, Cheryl, & family

  10. Bobby, Elaine and Family,
    You've been in my constant thoughts and prayers this week. I'm so glad to have this blog to get the latest news! And so glad to hear the first step has gone so well! I'll keep praying for you all and the medical teams - just keep the thumbs up! God Bless you all!
    Sandy and Tony

  11. Bob and Elaine--what great news--I tried to write sooner but I guess I got off the information highway at the first exit--June and I have had you in constant prayer and will continue to pray for your healing and also for your family--we leave for Florida in the morning but we will continue to monitor your progress..we love you all--