Saturday, January 10, 2009

He's coming Home!

Though the drs originally projected the release date to be Sunday they are sending dad home today. We are sooooo excited. Thanks to Bobby King the entire upstairs carpets have been steam cleaned. And a team of people joined Rachel and I today to sterilize the entire house. So we are ready and germ free!

We did receive the pathology report and the tumor is malignant. However, we are in high hopes that we will continue to beat this thing through the next step of treatment. Keep checking back for visiting information. We would like to get dad settled into home and monitor his progress before too many people come by - but know that he has already said that he is looking forward to both reading the comments and writing his own post as soon as he can.

Thanks for everything and continue to pray for the wisdom of the next team of drs that we will be working with in the coming weeks.

Much love,
The Snows


  1. Glad to hear the good news! My hat goes off for those that worked so hard to "sterilize" the house. I believe the Lord would say to you "well done my good and faithful servants". Considering that Cornerstone is going through our prayer and fast season and pastor asked on Wednesday for all of us to pray for you, Bobby, I think this all comes at a "good time" if there could ever be a good time. We've got the enemy on the run! We are believing that God's miracle working hand is upon you and this will be to God's glory.

  2. I'm waiting not very patiently I must say as to when I can come and hug your neck.

    Betty Lewis

  3. Boy, this was so confusing for me to get something posted. I think I have it now. My prayer for you and your family is that the God of our Lord Jesus Christ may give to you a spirit of wisdom and of revelation in the knowledge of Him. I pray that the eyes of your heart may be enlightened so that you will know what is the hope of His calling...what is the surpassing greatness of his Power to you all...and remember that He put ALL things in subjection under His feet.

    I love you much

  4. Bob, all your friends at NBC are thinking of you. The support you have received from friends and family and your faith will sustain you.

    Chris Whittington

    P.S. Where are the 10uF 50V bipolar caps? ;-)
    P.P.S. I thought they would have shaved your head. I've always been a little jealous of your hair.

  5. Hey Y'All,

    We're praying for you as you come home and as you face the next phase of treatment.

    Murray & Penny

  6. Hey "Uncle" Bobby and "Aunt" Elaine,
    We are so glad you are home. We cannot wait to see you guys. The family has a few comments they'd like to pass along to you:

    "Hi, I hope you feel better than you did. I hope I can go on the BIG skis next summer!"- Marissa

    "I hope you feel better. You are like an uncle to me and I love you." -Cassie

    "Luv ya Bobby and Elaine! I'm prayin' for you."

    "You guys are tight!!! I love you so so much and I can't wait to dance with you on Curry's dock again! haha =]"

    -"Bobby, I hope to see you at our house for dinner soon :)... I love you and I'm praying for you." -Brittany

    "Hey Bobby No Pants, can't wait to get back on the boat and listen to some Chicksie Dix!"
    -Johnny Wakeskate

    You make our lives much richer and we are thankful to have such wonderful friends in you. Check out Psalm 118:8. This one has been on our minds this week. We love you guys!!

    Cindy and Jon

  7. Uncle Bobby:
    Wow! What amazing news that you are already coming home. Home is where the best healing can take place. We love you and are praying for you!

    Much Love, Dave, Tracy, Camden & Lindsey

  8. Dude!
    This week wont be the same without you. I cant wait to see you when I get home! Maybe its better that I am not in town this week because I would be chomping at the bit to come over and visit you, and im sure you ALL need some space right now.... but next week all bets are off, IM COMING OVER!! :)

    Justin, Melissa and, oh yea ELAINE! ;)
    you are all BEYOND AWESOME!

    love you all!

  9. From the looks of the picture after surgery, I think you better guard the bedroom door!!! How good it is to have our dear Bobby going home one day early!!Continue to look for the miracles of each day..Love you guys, Bev

  10. Coming home 3 days after brain surgery?! You should have had a could have had a few more days. (See, we COULD probably have done this on my kitchen table--I would've let you stay longer.)
    Can't wait to see you back where your're supposed to be!

  11. I was sorry too hear about your situation, but I am really glad your doing so well. I am just over a year from having a lung transplant, and the 3 things that kept me going were family, friends, and I WAS JUST TO STUBBORN TO GIVE UP,and if memory serves you have all of this going for you.

    Heres to a speedy recovery,
    Larry and Lydia Wilson

  12. Bob,

    It is great you are home! I cannot wait to come and see you. We all miss you at NBC!

    Bill Nardi

  13. We will continue to pray through the days for wisdom & comfort for all. We love you guys...
    if there is ANYTHING we can do to help!!!
    We'll be there...Erich can guard the wakeboard
    during your recuperation!!

  14. Many prayers and much love coming your way.

  15. God, friends and family are no challenge for the nasty C. We know you Bobby Snow - for you it will be another speedbump in life, but won't stop you for too long. Now you have to join the rest of us survivors in the Walks for Life. Gotta do at least one. Can't wait to walk with you.

    Love you all,

    The Powells