Friday, January 9, 2009

Breakin all the rules!

We have been told by the dr. that we have "officially" broken every hospital rule...for example:
Rule #1 - only two visitors at a time.
Snow response - how does 20-30 people work?
Rule #2 - No overnight visitors in the ICU or Critical care unit.
Snow response - Elaine is not leaving the hospital - so just deal with it and work around her
Rule #3 - Only one person to a hospital bed.
Snow response - yeah right! Move over dad!
Here you can see a picture of dad right before he was wheeled off to surgery - thumbs up and all!
Keep up the prayers! He is up and walking around today and was finally able to eat a meal of jell-o (yum!) More information coming as received.....
The Snows


  1. That is terrific! Hope it was a good flavor of jell-o!

  2. Love that you're breaking all the rules! We were so overjoyed by yesterday's report of 90%!!!! Amazing! We are praying and praising God! Love to you all.

  3. Ha! Keep breaking the rules! Do what you know is right in your heart! Love you guys...

  4. Hmmmm
    now we know where Justin got it!

  5. LOVE!!!! the picture. We are still praying as well as our church. Love to the whole family
    Anni & Jeff

  6. Hey, the best rules are you OWN rules! Don't worry-- the hospital will still take your money. Since they are feeding you hospital food, we need to pray even harder!
    Love and blessings,
    Anni & Jeff

  7. What a great thing, to open the blog and see this wonderful picture of you both smiling so sweetly. Bobby & Elaine, we love you. Brent, Ali, Jessica and I have been praying for you several times each day since we found out. We will keep this situation lifted up and can't wait to see your smiling faces in person on the other side of this. 90% of the tumor!! Awesome. Bobby's first meal of jello!! Fabulous. God's handiwork is amazing.
    Love you guys! Brent, Dina, Ali & Jessica

  8. Love to see you guys together - I'm sure the Snow can has been very intimidating to the staff!. Love to hear all the great progress too. Keep up the good work and you will be rewarded with chicken broth (no noodles or chicken. We love you guys. See you soon, Kit and Lee

  9. BobElainemelissajustinrachellaylajohn,
    Sorry it has taken so long to get to this but I have been coaching basketball games and other school-related things. Know that we have been praying for you and feel the prayers going out to you guys. What a great family you are! Please tell Bobby that I knew everything would be alright when I was exercising and I began praying for him and "Rise Up O Men Of God" by Phil Keaggy came on. It brought tears to my eyes, but considering it is Bobby's favorite song, I knew it was a sign from God. We have full assurance that evrything will work for good to those who love the Lord.
    God bless you all,
    ALL the Tallons

  10. Oh those Snows - they are such rebels breaking the rules- but then rules are made to be broken. We will watch your blog closely to keep informed. We love you guy and we are sending high altitude prayers from Colorado.
    Bob and Aurice

  11. What a blessing to see Bobby before and after surgery - with the same smile and good attitude. He has been a witness to those around him, especially the doctors and nurses.

    I look forward to the next visit to Mt. Oak that Bobby and Elaine make - it will be a celebration.

    We are all praying for him and them and know that God is hearing our prayers. We pray for his healing, not for Bobby's sake but for the glory of our God! God - show Yourself and we will give you the praise and glory!

  12. Bobby and Elaine,
    I tried to send a comment earlier today but I think I did something to it and it didn't send correctly. So...again....the Hunters are praying for you. Bobby, we will always remember how you coaxed, convinced our Matt to take his first roller coaster ride at 6 Flags. One of the first fears he was able to overcome and we believe it opened the door to more victories. He's home and saw your pictures and read a bit of your blog. See, you continue to have influence.

    Love the rebel bit you guys have it. We'll continue to lift you up guys. Glad to hear that 90% of the tumor was removed. Praying and believing in your 100% recovery.
    Cindy, Dan, Matt, Hope and Jillian Hunter

  13. Rules are meant to be broken anyway!
    I am so happy he is making great progress.
    Never underestimate the power of prayers!!

    Bill Nardi

  14. Well, it looks like I better get a celebratory wine started, so you guys can uncork it on the lake this summer....

    Stay strong,


  15. Snow Fam: God is good, yet I know you would still be praising him even if the news wasn't this incredibly good! I know Dad (Bill Harrington) has been trying to get on here to post a hello without success... so he will get a comment on here at some point :)


  16. Fran says.."so glad you stayed right there and did not leave. I think the staff really likes it better when family stays thick like butter. Sure
    love you guys and keep storming the gates of Heaven for all of you. My girls join me praying
    and sending hugs and kisses.

  17. Luckyman, It was a great song as you recall. Well, from where I stand you are a luckyman. To see all of the lives you have touched through the years and the friends you have cultivated which is evident through this page. Not to mention the groupy following you had at the hospital. Then looking at the picture, I was embarrased for you in that you would let Elaine dress you as twins!
    Get well my friend
    Jim Mac