Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Surgery Success

At 3:00pm today the nurse rolled dad through a crowd of over 30 family and friends into surgery. In the moments prior to being admitted Mom, Melissa and Justin stood close holding Dad’s hand and saying “I love you” as frequently as possible. Dr. Sullivan entered the room and answered any final questions we had and Mom asked if she could pray for him. We all held hands and prayed a prayer for Dr. Sullivan of wisdom and guidance.

After the prayer we decided that we needed to establish a “sign” for Dad to use after surgery to indicate success in a nonverbal way. Dad then lifted his hand and gave us a thumbs up as he left for surgery.

Nearly 3.5 hours later Dr. Sullivan emerged delivering the news that the operation had been a success and though the road to victory was not complete – one big hurdle had been accomplished. As we crossed the room to visit Dad in the Intensive Care Unit he caught sight of us and smiled and gave us a double thumb’s up! He recognized all of us and greeted us by name. He is talking in complete sentences and his speech pattern has already improved significantly. What a BLESSING!!!

Words cannot begin to capture our thanks to everyone who has sat with us, prayed with and for us, posted comments on the blog, sent text messages, and called to express their support. Please continue to pray…..we have at least 3-4 more days at Anne Arundel while they monitor his recovery. We also expect to receive more news on the condition of the tumor tomorrow after they have run tests on the biopsy.

We LOVE you all!
Bobby, Elaine, Melissa, Justin, and Rachel


  1. Yahoo, God is good! We love you Bobby (and all the other Snows!)... Take care, recuperate well, be better and continuing smiling! We'll come see you soon!
    Love, Craig, Linda, et. al.

  2. We have an awesome God. God has you all in the palm of his hand and loves and cares for you immeasurably more than all. Charles and I are praying for your healing and continued strength.
    See you soon.

    Betty Lewis

  3. We were overwhelmed with all of the people in the surgical waiting room last night there to show their support for Bobby and his family. This was an outwardly testament to the love this family has engendered throughout this community. Now that healing is number one for Bobby, we do sincerely hope that all of us can balance our display of love, friendship and fellowship with the family's need for healing rest.

    Sunny and David

  4. Leave it to the Snow's....
    Here we are, a mass of friends & family that have joined together to comfort, support and encourage YOU, and you guys, in your amazing way, are doing that very thing for us. THANK YOU! Thank you for bringing us back to what's really important here... We are to praise God in ALL circumstances! Praise Him that the first step is over. Praise Him for Dr. Sullivan's care, for being a straight shooter and preparing you for all possibilities. Praise Him that Bobby didn't lose his ability to speak from the surgery! And that his speech pattern is improving! Praise God!

    Thank you Melissa and Justin for your updates on this blog and Facebook. We're all with you and will continue to be here through each step, Praising God all the way along. You are an awesome family & we love you!

  5. Bobby and family,
    So glad for your success yesterday.
    Sending you our love and prayers.
    See you soon.
    the Carey family

  6. Bobby & Elaine,
    Since I have such impeccable timing -- calling once when you were being prayed over and again while the doctors were in with you, I decided to leave a message here to let you know Lewis & I (and Jake every night) are lifting you in our prayers. We rejoice that the surgery was a success and can't wait to see you both!!
    All our love,
    Lewis, Patty, Jake & Mandie

  7. Bobby and Elaine-

    We are rejoicing with you on the success of the surgery so far and are continuing to pray to our ever faithful God on your behalf. We miss not being there but will be back soon to do whatever you need. Please know that we love you and look forward to seeing God get the glory in this circumstance. We are not at all surprised by all the visitors that have gathered around, you both have blessed so many of us in so many ways. We are blessed to have the opportunity to support you as you have done so many times for so many people.
    Melissa- thanks for keeping us updated and taking care of things for mom. We know that she and dad are very blessed to have both you and Justin.
    Love, Marge, Tom, Lauren, Nick and Ashley

  8. Bobby and Elaine,
    Still praying a lot! George is doing well, a little tired and sore. He looks like he's been beaten up. We were so touched that you would ask people to pray for him. "Now to Him who is able to do exceedingly abundantly above all we ask or think, according to the power that works in us..."
    George and Carol

  9. Bobby and Elaine, Justin and Melissa..
    I just got the news today from Mal. I am so sad to hear this news as are all the Willies. We are rejoicing that 90% is gone and we will join the troops in praying for full recovery and wakeboarding this summer! We love you so and know that you are holding on to the one true Anchor amidst the storm.
    What a testimony to our Great God to see you two in a hospital bed smiling before surgery... wow.
    We are sending huge hugs and prayers your way.
    Much love, Kelly, Craig, Casey and Molly

  10. Hello There,
    I wanted you all to know my family and I are praying for a very quick recovery for Bobby. I found out about him yesterday from Cousin Laurie. It sounds like prayers have already been answered. Take care. You all will be in our prayers.
    Julia Bassett Hubbard, Troy, AL